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Two-Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances (print) by Jean O'Hara

In this collection of short but powerful two-spirit plays, characters dispel conventional notions of gender and sexuality while celebrating Indigenous understandings.

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Two-Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances (print)

With a refreshing spin, the plays touch on topics of desire, identity, and community as they humorously tackle the colonial misunderstandings of Indigenous people. From a female trickster story centered on erotic lesbian tales to the farcical story about a new nation of Indigenous people called the Nation of Mischief, this collection creates a space to explore what it means to be queer and Indigenous.


Hot 'n' Soft by Muriel Miguel

Agokwe by Waawaate Fobister

Taxonomy of the European Male, Séance, and Justice of the Peace by Kent Monkman

Additional Information

Title Two-Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances (print)
ISBN 13 9781770911840
Genre Aboriginal Drama, Academic, Anthology, LGBTQ Theatre
Contributor(s) Jean O'Hara
Agent Contact Playwrights Canada Press for information about production rights.
Year 2013

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