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Redheaded Stepchild (ebook) by Johnnie Walker

Available September 2016

It's not easy being red.

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Redheaded Stepchild (ebook)

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Nicholas is a twelve-year-old with red hair whose dad just remarried. This makes Nicholas a literal redheaded stepchild. And tomorrow at lunch, the biggest boy in grade six plans to beat him up—he even made a Facebook event. Should Nicholas skip school, even if it means missing the chance to audition for the class play and impressing his English teacher Mr. Barton? His new stepmom, a chain-smoking, ex-Jehovah’s Witness golf pro named Mary-Anne doesn’t want him playing hooky. And Rufus Vermilion, Nicholas’s fabulous and charismatic alter ego, also has opinions about it. But when events in the schoolyard leave both Mary-Anne and Rufus speechless, it’s up to Nicholas to pick up the pieces and do some serious growing up.

★★★★★ "A virtuoso display of storytelling” —Calgary Herald

“Walker is funny, poignant, angry and ultimately steals your heart in Redheaded Stepchild.” —Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

“Walker’s creation is one of the most endearing and hilarious examples of pubescent precocity in recent memory. His absolute skepticism about pop culture and the pious jargon of the helping professions, his elaborate ironies, his matter-of-fact assessment of social reality (“only girls can dye their hair”), his perspectives on classic art (Rita Hayworth’s “smouldering red-headed intensity”)—all are wincingly judged.” —Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal 

Additional Information

Title Redheaded Stepchild (ebook)
ISBN 13 9781770915527
Contributor(s) Johnnie Walker
Contributor 3 N/A
Contributor 4 N/A
Agent Please contact Playwrights Canada Press for more information about production rights.
Year 2016

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