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A unique theatrical endeavour comprised of four plays written by four of Canada’s most celebrated playwrights: Matthew MacFadzean, Hannah Moscovitch, Tara Beagan, and Damien Atkins. The series reveals the shocking story of a mill’s past, exposing the secrets of the land’s inhabitants as the plays jump through time.

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The Mill (ebook)

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It’s 1854 at the start of Now We Are Brody. The mill is boarded up as the townsfolk attempt to bury a dark shame from their past, but the arrival of a young woman with the deed to the mill threatens to unearth its secret. In The Huron Bride it is 1834 and Hazel Sheehan has braved the perilous journey across the Atlantic to work as a hired hand at her cousin’s sawmill. When her cousin James asks her to marry him, Hazel is overjoyed, but will the ghost of James’s ex-wife spoil their wedding plans? The mill does not yet exist in The Woods, and the land is the site of a First Nations burial ground. The interactions between the First Nations people and the first settlers put the wheel in motion for the terror that will haunt this area for hundreds of years to come. In part four, Ash, the mill stands: battered and surrounded by ash. Inside, five young people cling to life. Can hope take root on such poisoned ground?

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Title The Mill (ebook)
ISBN 13 9781770910119
Genre Drama, eBook
Contributor(s) Daryl Cloran
Matthew MacFadzean
Agent Theatrefront
Year 2011

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