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The Making of St. Jerome (print) by Marie Beath Badian

Inspired by the shooting of a Filipino Canadian teenager by a police officer in Toronto, The Making of St. Jerome is a poignant look at the aftermath of an untimely death, the media’s role in the truth, and one family’s attempt to reconcile a haunting reality.

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The Making of St. Jerome (print)

When Jason De Jesus discovers his younger brother Jerome was the victim of a senseless shooting, his world is filled with questions surrounding Jerome’s death. Was his brother a threat or a casualty of racial profiling? Was he an innocent bystander or someone other than his family’s shining star? Internalizing his survivor’s guilt while reflecting on their strained relationship, Jason’s quest for truth and justice is tainted as he discovers there are no simple answers.

“ . . . a perceptive script by Marie Beath Badian, which doesn’t seek to point fingers but rather tries to deconstruct a complex and highly charged event through the eyes of society, the mass media and the individuals affected.”  —Bruce DeMara, Toronto Star 

“[The Making of St. Jerome] offers a nuanced and contemplative study of an all too common and culturally divisive occurrence.”  —Justin Haigh, Plank Magazine

Additional Information

Title The Making of St. Jerome (print)
ISBN 13 9781770917385
Genre Asian Canadian Theatre, Drama, Women Writers
Contributor(s) Marie Beath Badian
Contributor 3 N/A
Contributor 4 N/A
Agent Contact us for information on production rights.
Year 2017

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