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From acclaimed author Hannah Moscovitch comes Infinity, a haunting, candid ode to the nature of time and love as two parallel stories unfold in unexpected ways.

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Infinity (print)

Sarah Jean is a mathematics prodigy who finds safety in numbers, in the reliability of their defined nature. Her affinity for unhealthy relationships, however, remains a complete mystery. Her flings turn into year-long relationships against her better judgment and her confusing emotional patterns are only now coming to light. It’s time for Sarah Jean to make sense of her past in terms she understands and to discover there is more to time than just its inevitable passing. Elliot is a theoretical physicist who spends most of his time thinking about time and how to unify all physics. So when he meets Carmen, a violinist, the two bond over talks about music and theory. Talks that lead them into bed and into a marriage that should and shouldn’t be. As their relationship teeters through time, work and family become a balancing act, and theories are thrown to the stars, revealing truths they’re not ready to face.

“Moscovitch is often called a ‘hot’ Canadian playwright. But according to the laws of science, what is hot will inevitably cool. By now, she has surely proven that the more accurate descriptor is rock solid.” —Carly Maga, Toronto Star

Additional Information

Title Infinity (print)
ISBN 13 9781770917347
Genre Drama, Women Writers
Contributor(s) Hannah Moscovitch
Njo Kong Kie
Agent Ian Arnold at Catalyst Creative Management, (416) 645-0935
Year 2017

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