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Huff & Stitch (print) by Cliff Cardinal

From award-winning playwright Cliff Cardinal comes two gritty, powerful solo shows that promise visceral journeys into the lives of marginalized characters.

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Huff & Stitch (print)

In huff, brothers Wind, Huff, and Charles are trying to cope with their father’s abusive whims and their mother’s recent suicide. In a brutal reality of death and addiction, they huff gas and pull destructive pranks. Preyed upon by Trickster and his own fragile psyche, Wind looks for a way out, one that might lead him into his mother’s shadow.

In Stitch, Kylie Grandview is a single mom struggling to make a living as a porn star while dreaming of being on the big screen. She’s painfully aware that she is among the many nameless faces on the Internet, the ones that blip across cyberspace, as her yeast infection, Itchia, reminds her at every turn. But when Kylie is offered the chance at a big break, a series of twisted events lead her down a destructive path, revealing a face no one will forget.

Huff, a stark, staggering and utterly compelling slice of rural Ontario life guaranteed to change the way you think, and feel, about contemporary Indigenous issues.” —John Threlfall, analogue magazine

“Funny, shocking, and sad. [Stitch is] cleverly structured as a series of short scenes or ‘clicks’ that both mimic compulsive internet surfing and suggest [Kylie’s] scattered mind as she leads us, window by window, through her tragic story.” —Martin Morrow, Torontoist

Additional Information

Title Huff & Stitch (print)
ISBN 13 9781770917460
Genre Aboriginal Drama, Drama
Contributor(s) Cliff Cardinal
Agent Pam Winter at GGA, (416) 928-0299
Year 2017

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