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Almighty Voice and His Wife (ebook) by Daniel David Moses

A young couple woo and wed, but they’re Cree and it’s 1895, the first generation after the Riel Rebellion, and it’s suddenly hard for the people who followed the buffalo to live happily ever after. What are they going to do? It’s still a bit early to go into show business.

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Almighty Voice and His Wife (ebook)

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Almighty Voice and His Wife shakes up a familiar story from the Saskatchewan frontier, reimagining it from the postmodern late twentieth century. The “renegade Indian story” transforms into both an eloquent tale of tragic love and an often hilarious, fully theatrical exorcism of the hurts of history. A modern classic about the place of First Nations people in Canada.

Additional Information

Title Almighty Voice and His Wife (ebook)
ISBN 13 9781770911178
Genre Aboriginal Drama, Drama, eBook
Contributor(s) Daniel David Moses
Contributor 3 N/A
Contributor 4 N/A
Agent Playwrights Guild of Canada
Year 2009

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