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Developing Nation (print) by Bruce Barton

New Play Creation in English-Speaking Canada

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Developing Nation (print)

"Repeatedly, throughout this collection, dramaturgy resists the mantle of stable definition and instead insists on perpetually redefining itself in relation to its context: the people, projects, and parameters it operates upon and within. Yet, as other entries in this collection demonstrate, this wary elusiveness concerning definitions in no way precludes concrete description and analysis of its 'working parts.' The machinery of dramaturgy has been a remarkably popular topic of debate, in personal exchanges and in published criticism, for several decades. Some of the most noteworthy positions and personalities from that conversation have been gathered here to be revisited and reassessed with an eye to the future." —from the introduction

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Title Developing Nation (print)
ISBN 13 9780887545931
Genre Academic, Essays
Contributor(s) Bruce Barton
Contributor 3 N/A
Contributor 4 N/A
Year 2009

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