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Community Engaged Theatre (print) by Julie Salverson

Volume 19 in the series Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English

This collection of new and previously published writing presents artists and scholars exploring neighbourhood, aesthetics, politics, and social change in English Canada. These essays include in-depth analysis of the community play in Canada, storytelling in law and critical pedagogy, the politics of negotiating community, and glimpses into projects ranging from inside Matsqui Penitentiary to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a Toronto mental-health care facility to under the Bathurst Street Bridge, from Caravan’s BC woods to inside a Newfoundland mine.

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Community Engaged Theatre (print)


In The Neighbourhood of My Heart by Don Bouzek (1987)
Shadowy Existence: Shadowland’s Creative Design Community by Sarah B. Hood (1988)
Permission Granted: Romeo & Juliet by Sarah Stanley (1995)
The Spirit of Shivaree and the Community Play in Canada; or, The Unity in Community by Edward Little and Richard Paul Knowles (1995)
Wabana: A Native Word Meaning “Place of First Light” by Denyse Lynde (1997)
The Gaze from the Other Side: Storytelling for Social Change by Sherene H. Razack (1998)
The Working Body/The Working Gaze by Alan Filewod (1999)
Caravan Farm Theatre: Orchestrated Anarchy and the Creative Process by Richard Bruce Kirkley (2000)
Theatre Inside-Out: An Educational Monograph: Alternative Theatre in Prisons by Richard Payne (edited by Steven Bush) (2000)
Whose Community? Whose Art? The Politics of Reformulating Community Art by Honor Ford-Smith (2001)
Pedagogies, Politics and Practices in Working with Youth by Edward Little and Rachael Von Fossen (2001)
The Marsh Fire Guild System: Mobilizing Community Resources by David Fancy (2001)
Strategic Narratives: The Embodiment of Minority Discourses in Biographical Performance by Nisha Sajnani (2004)
Imagination and Art in Community Arts by Julie Salverson (2004)
Practicing Responsible Arts: The Downtown Eastside Community Play by Savannah Walling (2005)
The Cultural Equivalent of Daycare Workers? by Ruth Howard (2006)
The Politics of Play: Welfare State’s Swan Song by Clarke Mackey (2007)
Performing an Asylum: Tripping Through Time and La Pazzia by Kirsty Johnston (2008)
They Don’t Get Us and We Don’t Get Them by David S. Craig (2008)
Of, For, By by Yvette Nolan (2011)
The Give-Back of the Giving Profession by Kelley Aitken (2011)

Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have traced the coming-into-prominence of a vibrant theatrical community in English Canada.

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Title Community Engaged Theatre (print)
ISBN 13 9780887549328
Genre Academic, Essays
Contributor(s) Julie Salverson
Contributor 3 N/A
Contributor 4 N/A
Year 2011

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