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LGBT/Queer Theatre

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Drag Queens in Outer Space

By Sky Gilbert
Subjects: LGBT/Queer Theatre, Comedy, Ontario Playwrights
Casting: 3 m
Duration: 90 minutes

The Drag Queens returns in this follow-up to the stellar Drag Queens on Trial.

Drag Queens on Trial

By Sky Gilbert
Subjects: Comedy, Ontario Playwrights, LGBT/Queer Theatre
Casting: 3 m
Duration: 90 minutes

On the witness stand the Drag Queens reveal fantastic romantic lives; in their dressing room they are cruelly oppressed by straight culture. Which is real?

Suzie Goo: Private Secretary

Suzie Goo works for Corporeal Can Inc. in the early 1960s. As a modern-day career gal, the last thing she has time for is her "hands on" boss, Vincent Bag. When Suzie takes matters into her own hands, ...


In 1912, two young boys in a Catholic college fall in love while working on a play about St. Sebastian. Their passion ends in tragedy with one boy sent to prison, the other dead. Years later, as the aged ...