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By Marek Horn
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040436, 88 pages, October 2021


Nobody knows where the fish went, and nobody knows why the fish went – but ever since they did, things just haven't been the same. In a committee room on Capitol Hill, three senators have a job to do: they must question a man on charges of trading rare marine commodities, and they must find out what he knows.

Politics and the planet collide in a fiercely original play about the limits of science, the power of myths, and the things we can't control. 


"Shocking testimony from a world with empty oceans... With the same whip-smart dialogue as Horn's brilliant debut, Wild Swimming."

- Guardian

"Horn's satirical take on the crisis in our seas is a reminder that we have little time to waste before the damage is irreversible. You'll never look at a tin of tuna in the same way again."

- The Stage

"Sharp new satire... manages to find the balance of being both urgent and genuinely entertaining... the climactic moments are superbly well constructed, leading to a delicious denouement."

- Whatsonstage