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By Dennis Foon
Preface by Guillermo Verdecchia
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887548260, 54 pages, September 2006


Shane, Tommy, Brad, and Andy are disconnected from themselves, and everyone around them because they’ve been taught, as part of “being a man,” to be aggressive and invulnerable. Language is used to reduce, disparage, and control others. In this play, Dennis Foon invents a slang for the characters to speak, to point at the way we use words as weapons.


“Dennis Foon, author of New Canadian Kid and Skin and Liars, gives us a violent jolt into the world of adolescence with his new play, War. Growing up to be a man is not easy in a society where brutality and aggression are a means of survival and dreams are held at knife-point. And Foon’s teens do have dreams. Their hopes are voiced in soliloquies that are often lyrical and powerful. ”
—Jennifer Sullivan, CM Magazine