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Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

By Will Eno
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559369596, 128 pages, March 2019


“It’s sad, isn’t it? The dead horse of a life we beat, all the wilder, all the harder the deader it gets. On the other hand, there are some nice shops in the area. ”

Thom Pain has come to a certain point in his life. Maybe you have too. His entire existence is ordinary; but that ordinariness is a revelation and a wonder and a curiosity. To him at least. He’d better hope so. It’s all he has (except maybe a dictionary and an old love letter).

Comic and disturbing, this provocative monologue charts one man’s anguished journey from shattered childhood dreams and trauma to the tenuous, if guarded, optimism of adulthood, told in dangerous intimacy by a voice loaded with wry humor and deceptive charm.