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The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee

The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee

By Daniel Sarah Karasik
Subjects: Theatre for Young Audiences, Family, Ontario Playwrights, By Age — 8–10
Casting: 2 f, 2 m
Duration: 70 minutes
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9781770911260, 80 pages, March 2013
Ebook (MobiPocket) : 9781770911284, March 2013


Meet Marnie McPhee, daughter, sister, aspiring astronaut, and possible Martian.

Convinced she is not like the rest of her boring family, nine-year-old Marnie McPhee decides it's time to leave Earth and take her place among the stars. But as she builds her spaceship, she realizes that maybe Earth isn't so bad after all, even if it is filled with imperfect human families. The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee is a charming story of the infinite reaches of the imagination and the pleasure of dreaming.