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The Maladies

The Maladies

By Carmen Nasr
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848429949, 96 pages, April 2022


1508. France. A woman dances compulsively – and soon hundreds join her.

1962. Tanzania. A schoolgirl's laughing fit spreads from village to village.

2011. USA. Cheerleaders are overcome by uncontrollable twitching.

2023. London. A group of women suddenly lose the ability to speak – and no one can figure out why. The team at an all-female podcast decide to investigate and end up on a journey of discovery, uncovering more than they bargained for.

The Maladies by Carmen Nasr is a powerful, provocative play, offering rich material for schools, colleges and youth theatres, particularly those looking for leading roles for young women. 


"Charming and thought-provoking... gives voices to the voiceless... really powerful and nuanced writing from Nasr, whose source material gives the cast a lot to sink their teeth into."

- The Upcoming

"Really appealing and relevant… the characters all have a connection that students will connect to and playing out a story through different time periods would be a lot of fun… ideal for school performance, but would also make a great stimulus for GCSE or A Level work."

- Drama & Theatre magazine