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Strike! - The Musical


The Musical

By Danny Schur & Rick Chafe
Subjects: Prairie Playwrights, Manitoba, Musicals, History
Casting: 21 actors
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887547652, 96 pages, November 2007


  • Winner, Kobzar™ Literary Award 2006
  • Winner, Grant MacEwan College Kostash Award. 2007


It's 1919. Brisbane, Seattle, Barcelona. Workers demand their share of the post-war pie but big business and big government say "no" to crippling general strikes. But in Winnipeg, an entire city shuts down for six weeks and becomes the nation's battleground for the democratic dream. Mike Sokolowski and his godson Stefan have escaped Europe only to become "enemy aliens" in Canada. But where Stefan finds social justice in the strike, Mike sees a threat to his slave-wage job—his only hope of saving his family from revolution in Ukraine. When Stefan falls in love with Rebecca, a pro-strike Jewish suffragette, making a deportation target of them all, Mike turns against the strikers and their growing hope of changing the world.


"An improbably compelling piece of musical theatre" —The Globe and Mail

"Strike! Has Important Message For Humanity" —The Winnipeg Free Press

"Rivetting… spellbinding" —The Jewish Post & News

"Strike! The Musical has such a vast array of content and an uplifting theme, it makes haters of both Canadian history and musicals see the error of their ways. " —The University of Saskatchewan Sheaf

"[Strike!] gives you everything you want: a love story, a suspenseful plot, a collection of good songs and a history lesson that teaches you something about yourself. " —The Saskatoon Phoenix