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By Ali Taylor
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848420311, 88 pages, October 2008


A poetic, explosive thriller about three young men on a night out that ends in violence.

In Bromley every Friday night, same time and place, Potts, Baron and Finch get ready for their weekly dose of booze, birds and burgers. But their night out takes a dramatic and terrifying twist when an explosion rocks the town centre, and a suspicious population points the finger at them.

Ali Taylor's play Overspill was the winner of Metamorphosis 08, a competition organised by Bromley's theatre, The Churchill. 


"A dazzling display of dramatic virtuosity... darkly polished, thrillingly inventive... gleams with gutter poetry."

- Time Out

"Ali Taylor's slice of urban life is small but thrilling. It is driven by a pulsating rhythm, a sense of place, a menacing undercurrent of casual violence waiting to erupt, and a layered story that suggests the lads' friendship was about to be blown apart by other factors as adolescence gives way to adulthood. The writing is gritty and sweaty, with a tom cat swagger and cut with half-rhymes and littered with assonance and alliteration... a tiny gem."

- Guardian