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By Catherine Léger
Translated by Leanna Brodie
Subjects: Quebec Playwrights, Women Writers, History, Translations
Casting: 5 f, 5 m
Duration: 80 minutes
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9781770911772, 112 pages, October 2013


On the eve of World War II in a Parisian café, Anaïs Nin and June Miller meet again after years and an ocean apart. There, they share the space with some of Paris's notorious and eccentric artists who are an orchestra of contrasting voices, reflecting on art and misery; creativity and identity; female sexuality and power. They battle with words and wills, a lingering violence in the air. Inspired by the real life, Anais Nin, June Miller and Antonin Artaud, Catherine Leger explores the language of power and the role of art for its creator and the world around them.