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Flying on Her Own

Flying on Her Own

By Charlie Rhindress
Lyrics by Rita MacNeil
Subjects: Atlantic Playwrights, Nova Scotia, Community Theatre Picks, Large Cast, Musicals, Biography
Casting: 6 f, 3 m
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887548505, 92 pages, November 2008


The play incorporates MacNeil’s lyrics to tell the tale of a little girl from Big Pond, Cape Breton, who dreams of having a singing career. From a childhood wrought with difficulty through to her struggles as a single mother on welfare, we see an artist who refuses to give up on her dream, a terribly shy woman who finds her voice as one of Canada’s first and most vocal feminists. This is the story of an artist who has no choice but to pursue her destiny, even when it brings pain and heartbreak to those around her. It is ultimately about the power of art to sustain and inspire us.


"Rita, we hardly knew you. Didn't know how far you had to fall before you climbed right back to the top…. It is an inspiring story… endearing and engaging." —Marilyn Smulder, Halifax Daily News

"…a magical, funny, moving tale that touches the heart… it works perfectly, producing a fast-paced play that grabs the audience at the beginning and never lets go." —Tom McCoag, The Chronicle-Herald

"Rhindress weaves an intricate tapestry of songs and scenes from the turmoil of Rita MacNeil's life. Rhindress and his remarkable cast move us to laughter and tears as we watch Rita's life unfold… this is a story that needs to be told in theatres across Canada." —Dale Fawthrop, Amherst Daily News