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Environmental and Site-Specific Theatre

Environmental and Site-Specific Theatre

Volume editor Andrew Houston
Subjects: Non-Fiction / Essays
Series: Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887548062, 224 pages, May 2007

Table of contents

Seize the Day: The Mummers' Gros Mourn by Chris Brookes (1983)

The Princess of the Stars by R. Murray Schafer (1986)

Hillar Liitoja: Chaos and Control by Nigel Hunt (1987)

Schafer's Patria Three: The Cycle Continues by David Burgess (1988)

The Words are Too Important by Alan Filewod (1989)

All News Newhouse by Natalie Rewa (1989)

Deconstruction of Pleasure: John Krizanc's Tamara, Richard Rose and the Necessary Angel Theatre Company by Richard Plant (1996)

Writing for the Community Play Form by Rachael Van Fossen (1997)

Environmental Theatre by Ric Knowles (1999)

Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan: Lesbian National Parks & Services by Kathryn Walter (1999)

Field Reports from the Lesbian National Parks and Services by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan (1999)

Lesbian National Parks and Services and You! by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan (1999)

Eyewitness Account by Kyo Maclear (1999)

The Local and Global "Language" of Environmental Sound by Hildegard Westerkamp (2002)

Things I've Learned from Theatre SKAM by Sean Dixon (2002)
Out and About: The Performance Art of Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan by Jennifer Fisher (2004)

Deep-Mapping a Morning on 3A by Andrew Houston (2005)

Sex, Cars and Shopping: Meditations on Social Disabilities by Andrew Templeton (2005)

Arrivals and Departures: How Technology Redefines Site-related Performance by Kathleen Irwin (2005)

Please Dress Warmly and Wear Sensible Shoes by Bluemouth Inc. (2006)

Beneath Bridges, Loading Docks and Fire Escapes: Theatre SKAM Tours Billy Nothin' and Aerwacol by Amiel Gladstone (2006)
"This is not a conventional piece so all bets are off ": Why the Bluemouth Inc. Collective Delights in our Disorientation by Keren Zaiontz (2007)


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