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Chasing the Money

Chasing the Money

By Dennis Foon
Subjects: Theatre for Young Audiences, Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Western Playwrights, British Columbia, By Age - 15-18, By Age - 11-14
Casting: 1 f, 2 m
Duration: 50 minutes
Imprint: Second Scene Editions
Paperback : 9780887547614, 48 pages, October 2007


Playwright Dennis Foon spoke widely with teens who gamble. "They told me wild, wonderful adrenaline-pumping tales of their highs," he says. "The lows were another story, not crumpling quietly into themselves, but a toxic bomb scarring the people closest to them." Today's young people grow up in an era of expanding and available gambling opportunities and face tough choices earlier generations did not. The characters in Chasing the Money, as a result of their own or others' gambling problems, are the people—youth and adult—seen every day by addiction counsellors.