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Barbecue / Bootycandy

Barbecue / Bootycandy

By Robert O'Hara
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559364959, 96 pages, November 2016


  • Winner, Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Drama 2017


Sutter is on an outrageous odyssey through his childhood home, his church, dive bars, motel rooms, and even nursing homes. The journey uncovers characters who are at once fascinating, zany, controversial, and even a bit smutty, painting a portrait of life as a societal outlier. Based on the author's personal experience, Bootycandy is a kaleidoscope of sketches that interconnects to portray growing up gay and black. This subversive, uproarious satire crashes headlong into the murky terrain of pain and pleasure and . . . BOOTYCANDY!


"Funny, smutty and enticingly subversive. . . . A toxically satiric portrait of American life. "—Washington Post

"Searing and sensationally funny. .. As raw in its language and raucous in spirit as it is smart and provocative. "—The New York Times