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A Short History of Night

A Short History of Night

By John Mighton
Subjects: Ontario Playwrights, Biography, Community Theatre Picks, Large Cast, History, Canadian Classics, Science & Scientists, Award Winners
Casting: 2 f, 6 m
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887548925, 64 pages, March 2006
Ebook (PDF) : 9780369103277, 250 pages, March 2006
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780369103284, 250 pages, March 2006


  • Winner, Governor General's Literary Award for Drama 1992
  • Winner, Chalmers Canadian Play Award 1992
  • Winner, Dora Maver Moore Award for Outstanding New Play, Small Theatre 1992


A Short History of Night charts the strange origins of contemporary science through two of the Renaissance's most unusual figures—mercurial, ambitious Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and meticulous, idealistic geometrician and Christian mystic Johannes Kepler.

As religious wars and witch hunts rage outside the castle walls, an unlikely band of alchemists and astrologers vie to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. Based loosely on the life of sixteenth-century astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician Johannes Kepler, the play draws disturbing parallels between medieval and modern thought.


"A Short History of Night confirms Mighton's status as an intellectually absorbing writer…"

- Toronto Star