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Coming in fall 2022

By Jessica Lewis Date: June 02, 2022 Tags: News

We are thrilled to share what's coming this fall! Check out our newest announcements below, which are all available for pre-order.

Is My Microphone On?
by Jordan Tannahill
In this urgent and lyrical play, a chorus of young people reckon with the generations who have come before them and their inheritance of a broken world.

The Negroes are Congregating
by Natasha Adiyana Morris
In this unapologetic and sharp-witted perspective about the evolving Black experience in Canada and around the world, a rhythmic fusion of spoken word, satire, and soulful dialect emerges steady as a heartbeat through a journey of raw truths and deep-rooted questions.

William Shakespeare's As You Like It, a Radical Retelling
by Cliff Cardinal
Is it possible for As You Like It to please all tastes? Indigenous creator and cultural provocateur Cliff Cardinal seeks to find out.

After the Fire & The Particulars
by Matthew MacKenzie
Two dark comedies that expose the effects of disturbing the natural order and what we’re capable of when pushed to our breaking point.

Dividing Lines | Líneas Divisorias
by Beatriz Pizano
Traced by the historic world events that coincide with her memories of independence and immigration, Beatriz reflects on how she spent over a decade caring for her mother as she lost her more and more to Alzheimer’s, and ultimately had to make the tough call to end her mother’s pain.

by Vern Thiessen
Nurses Christy, Maggie, and Bab have crossed oceans to care for wounded Canadian soldiers in the Great War. Despite the terrible injuries they must deal with, they manage to stay hopeful as the dangers of the front draw closer to their hospital.

How It Ends
by Debbie Patterson
Grieving siblings Natalie and Bart have differing views on how we die. In an immersive show about end-of-life choices, we follow them as they’re guided through the afterlife by a disabled angel. They unpack the baggage from their mother’s final decision in order to understand their own hopes and fears about death.

by kai fig taddei
Teenage cousins Eli and Kat have recently bonded over exploring their queer identities, but they have a limited understanding of each other’s very different realities. When Kat unknowingly outs Eli, she sets off a chain of events that leave the cousins and their loved ones reeling.

Half-Cracked: The Legend of Sissy Mary
by Mary-Colin Chisholm
Sissy and Yewina have been on their own for who knows how long exactly. Their rural community has been losing residents for years, but the almost-forgotten stories have lived on with the sisters in both fact and fantasy. When a folklorist shows up looking for answers, he gets more of a tale than he expected.

Wildfire & The Shoe
by David Paquet, translated by Leanna Brodie
With spark and spunk, two dark yet absurdly charming comedies offer a kaleidoscopic perspective of those who are destined to go down a lonely path and those who choose to share the weight of others’ journeys.

Reaching for Starlight
by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
When a young dancer notices that her instructor isn’t holding everyone in the ensemble to the same standard, she is determined to stop her friend from being counted out of the competition.

by Bilal Baig and Sadie Epstein-Fine with Christol Bryan, Marina Gomes, Yousef Kadoura, Tijiki Morris, Anthony Perpuse, and Nathan Redburn
Six young students are starting grade six, and their worlds are growing more complicated. From first crushes and grief to racism and homophobia, everyone is going through something for the first time, while also dealing with each other.

Simone, Half and Half
by Christine Rodriguez
Fourteen-year-old Simone is caught between cultures, friends, and projects. Torn between a dance routine for the school talent show and activism work for a new committee, Simone tries to figure out where she belongs.

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