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More ebook editions of classic titles now available

More ebook editions of classic titles now available

By Jessica Lewis Date: October 12, 2021 Tags: News

Playwrights Canada Press is proud to announce the release of new ebook editions of some of our classic titles, made possible with the support of Ontario Creates, the efforts of Beate Schwirtlich at Workhorse Editorial and Production Services, and the Canadian Electronic Library.

These new ebooks are available in two accessible file formats: pdfs and epubs. These files conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA, and contain structural and table of contents navigation, alternative text, captions, print-equivalent page numbering, and reading order. 

Not sure which file you’d want to use? An epub contains reflowable text that can be resized and adapted to your reading requirements using special software or an e-reader such as Google Books, Apple Books, Kobo, etc., while pdfs will open up in Reader, Preview, or your browser. (They will work in many e-reading programs as well but are not reflowable.) We recommend checking that your software or hardware can read an epub or pdf file before purchasing.

These new ebooks are available alongside existing titles here on our website, as well as ebook retailers and education and library resource providers.

We released our first batch of newly available classics in July. The final batch of this project includes:


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