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Meet the Author: Beth Graham

Meet the Author: Beth Graham

By Jessica Lewis Date: January 14, 2021 Tags: Meet the Author

Meet the author of the hauntingly beautiful Pretty Goblins—Beth Graham! 

Describe yourself in one sentence.
I run from conflict, change my mind constantly, and am always on the lookout for a good joke.

Tell us a little bit about your new book.
It’s about sisters. I’ve always been interested in exploring that relationship. I don’t have a sister. Perhaps that’s the reason for the fascination. Oh! And one of the inspirations was Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market.”

What’s something unique about you or something you like to do?
I have a weakness for Pomeranians. They are beautiful creatures and terrific conversationalists. In my dreams, I would have a small herd of them. I’d need a great many lint brushes if this dream ever came true. I like to eat olives, drink wine, and collect garden gnomes.

What are some of your favourite plays?
Lion in the Streets by Judith Thompson
The Gwendolyn Poems by Claudia Dey
The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum by Wendy Lill
How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel
Anatomy of a Suicide by Alice Birch

What are you reading these days?
Hamnet and Judith by Maggie O’Farrell
The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead
Dramaturgy in Motion by Katherine Profeta 

What is something that you enjoy doing, and why?
I enjoy daydreaming… I’m sorry, what was the rest of the question? Ha. Sorry, that was a total dad joke.

What’s something that makes you laugh?
My humour is very high brow. Here are a few fine examples of things that make me laugh: The word dink. Burp talking. The old “pull my finger” joke. When someone says they love something, and you respond with the phrase: “then why don’t you marry it?” Whenever someone sings the song “Danny Boy” I can barely contain myself. I wish I could explain this but explaining why something is funny never really pays off. Other people laughing. 

Learn more about Beth Graham:
Beth Graham is a playwright and an actor. She was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, grew up in Cochrane, Alberta, and now lives in Edmonton. She was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama in 2015 for her play The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble. She co-wrote The Drowning Girls with Daniela Vlaskalic and Charlie Tomlinson. Beth is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s BFA acting program, where she is currently the Lee Playwright in Residence.