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Acha Bacha

Cover Reveal: Acha Bacha

By Date: July 21, 2020 Tags: News

We are so excited to reveal the cover for Bilal Baig's Acha Bacha, designed by Harmeet Rehal!

Acha Bacha boldly explores the intersections between queerness, gender identity, and Islamic culture in the Pakistani diaspora. It follows Zaya, who for years has delicately balanced his relationship with his Muslim faith and queer identity by keeping his genderqueer lover and manipulative mother apart. But when his mother ends up in the hospital on the same day his partner is leaving for pilgrimage, Zaya’s worlds come crashing in on each other, opening a space for traumatic memories to resurface.

The cover for Acha Bacha features two brown hands with pink nail polish over a reflective surface.

About the cover, Baig says, "This cover is designed by Harmeet Rehal. Slide into their DMs. Commission them. Seriously. Not only do I feel the entire essence of my play is captured here, which is epic, but this cover also reflects the magic of what happens when two brown-femme-trans artists collaborate and create together. Harmeet's work here honours the fluidity, the blurriness, the beauty of Acha Bacha. I take in the full design and then I look at it again, and again, to catch any subtleties I may have missed. I encourage you to do the same."

“I loved that working on this cover was a collaborative process between myself and Bilal," says Rehal. "Being able to take all of Bilal’s imaginings related to the play that were sensorial and textural, and then illustrating them with in my own interpretation, was such a wonderful privilege! Also, My intention throughout doing this cover truly was rooted in wanting to honour queer and trans south Asian folks, especially those who are unapologetically femme and who are survivors.“ 

Make sure to pre-order your copy of Acha Bacha, which is out August 18!