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Fortune of Wolves

Follow the road trip in Fortune of Wolves

By Jessica Lewis Date: November 20, 2019

Fortune of Wolves by Ryan Griffith is a real trip. 

Desperate to hold onto sounds after losing his parents and grandmother, Lowell Garrish sets off on a solo road trip with his tape recorder, capturing something from every person he meets and his observations along the way. But as he drives, strange occurrences and mass disappearances imply that something terrible is happening…

In performance, the actors are meant to roll dice ahead of each show to determine which monologues to do from the people Lowell meets. For reading, we recommend using a six-sided die yourself to get your own adventure!

Besides having fun with chance, we wanted to follow Lowell’s trip while we read the play and thought you might want to too! Check out our map of locations below. If you tap on the left-hand corner icon, you can see them as a list in chronological order, starting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. From meeting a tow-truck driver in Parrsboro to a security guard in Montreal, there's a story in every location.


Get your copy of Fortune of Wolves now! And for a limited time, if you order a copy to be picked up from our Toronto office, you’ll get a six-sided die to go with it!