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Welcome to our new website

Check out all of the perks this update brings!

By Playwrights Canada Press Date: December 03, 2018 Tags: News

We’re absolutely in love with our new website and we hope you like it, and all the new features, too! As we welcome you here to our shiny new internet home, we want to let you know all of the new things this update brings!

No more limited quantities

Our previous set-up was built around shipping orders from our office so we couldn’t guarantee more than 5 copies would be available at a time. Orders are now filled directly from our warehouse at University of Toronto Press Distribution so you can order however many copies you need!

Not in stock? Get notified

On that note, sometimes there may not be enough copies of a book in the warehouse, or it hasn’t arrived yet. Now you can sign up to be notified when the title comes back in stock!

Books from the US and UK

We distribute books from American publisher Theatre Communications Group and British publisher Nick Hern Books in Canada. For the first time we can offer their books for sale on our website! So while you’re checking out Outside, you could add Dear Evan Hansen and Girls Like That to your cart too.

Streamline your shopping experience

Before, there were two separate listings for a book in its physical and electronic formats. Now, if you’re looking at a book on the site, you can choose the format you want to order right there.

Clearer details

If you’re looking for plays with specific casting delineations or run times, head on over to our Browse All Books page for perusing!

New services

We’re excited to announce some new and updated services! We offer discount book bundles for university and college courses, a new merch program for theatres, and an ambassador program for university students. Elementary and secondary school educators can now apply for custom study guides, too.

The blog

With this new blog we’re going to bring you more exclusive content such as author interviews, excerpts, opinion pieces, behind-the-scenes looks, and so much more about our plays and playwrights. Already you can read an interview with Erin Shields as well as excerpts from The Gay Heritage Project and Small Talk.

A big thank you to ReaderBound for creating and designing our lovely new online home!

Take a look around, and tweet your thoughts to @playcanpress!