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Playwrights Canada Press publishes primarily new plays. We are looking for well-written literary works with engaging dialogue, interesting characters, and strong themes that incite discussion and analysis, and that focus on contemporary issues. We publish both dramas and comedies and we encourage playwrights who are thinking of submitting a script to take a look through the books we’ve published in the past to see if we’d be a good fit for your work.

Playwrights Canada Press is committed to equity and inclusion and encourages submissions from across Canada from Indigenous and cultural communities as well as from artists with disabilities and those from underrepresented regions.

We have an open submission policy and welcome submissions that meet the following criteria:

     - the playwright must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
     - the play must have had a production within the last 10 years

We ask that playwrights submit only one play for consideration. We are not currently accepting proposals for anthologies.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically either as a Word document or as a PDF. Hard copy submissions will still be accepted by mail. If the play is accepted for publication, it must be available in an electronic file.

Staff at Playwrights Canada Press read every play submitted to us. Due to the high volume of scripts we receive, you can expect a response in six to eight months from the date of submission. Scripts are read in the order in which they are received.

We do accept simultaneous submissions (where the script is sent to more than one publisher at the same time). If the play is accepted elsewhere please notify us promptly.

If you have questions about our submission procedure or criteria please contact the publisher, Annie Gibson, at

Once you’re ready to send in your play, please click below for our submission form:

  Submission Form  

We ask for your patience once you’ve submitted your play. We aim to respond as soon as we can but we receive hundreds of submissions so it will take us a while to get back to you. Please do not call or email to check on the status of your submission. We will answer you as promptly as possible. If you haven't heard from us it just means we haven't yet read the play.







Selected and edited by Yvette Nolan & Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Playwrights Canada Press invites you to submit scenes for publication in its latest anthology, a collection of scenes from diverse contemporary works by Canadian playwrights that reflect the country's artistic landscape through a breadth of themes, styles, cultures, regions, and creative practices.

This anthology follows Refractions: Solo, a collection of monologues also edited by Yvette Nolan & Donna-Michelle St. Bernard. More information is available here:

Playwrights are asked to submit a scene of approximately ten minutes in length, containing between 3 and 7 characters. Submissions may come from produced or workshopped plays, and, if published, must include information on how to contact the publisher. Please note that due to the volume of submissions, only those writers selected will receive a response.

The editors emphasize that the working definition of diverse includes artists of all cultures and identities; we hope to receive submissions from artists with diverse abilities, and other underrepresented voices.




Translator (if applicable)

First production credits

Original publisher (if applicable)

200-word synopsis of the play

25 to 50-word character descriptions

Short playwright bio (max. 250 words)

Maximum length: 15 pages (standard script publication format)

Limit 2 submissions per author

Contact information (phone, email, mail)


DEADLINE for SUBMISSION: October 1, 2016

Please upload submissions here:


You may also submit by mail or email to:


Refractions: Scenes

c/o Playwrights Canada Press

269 Richmond Street W., Suite #202

Toronto, ON M5V 1X1